Counselling in Gloucestershire
Booking a Session

We ask that you contact us by telephone.  One of our receptionists will take brief details and contact information for you. All of this information is kept securely in a way that does not enable anyone to identify your notes with your name or address.

We will then contact you to offer an initial assessment appointment with an experienced counsellor.  This assessment takes place in the daytime and lasts for an hour and a half.  During it your assessor will not be counselling you, but will ask you a number of questions so that we can place you with a counsellor best suited to helping you.

We do ask for a booking fee of £15 (£10 if on means tested benefits) for this first appointment.  We do not charge a set fee for counselling but we do ask clients to make a contribution each session towards part of the costs of providing the session.  We are grateful to receive a minimum contribution of £15 per session but we never turn anyone away because of their financial situation.  You are welcome to discuss your contribution with your assessor.

Important Notice:

We already have a substantial number of people on our waiting lists for  counselling.  There is currently a waiting time of about 8-10 weeks after your assessment appointment  before a voluntary counsellor is able to meet you.  We will of course do our best to see you, but if you are in need of more urgent support you may wish to consult your GP.

When a counsellor becomes available to start work with you, they will telephone you to arrange a regular time to meet. You would normally meet your counsellor at the same time each week and your session lasts for fifty minutes.  It is important to try and clear the space to make this time and commitment to yourself before starting counselling.

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