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                  Saturday 17th June 2017 10:30am - 4:30pm

Dr Gwen Adshead

Effective Therapy for Personality Disorders

2 and 6 Therapy Rooms, Gloucester

 Personality disorders across the spectrum, ranging from paranoid, antisocial, borderline, histrionic to psychopathic, continue to present considerable conceptual & therapeutic challenges. As therapists, we may witness manifestations that overlap classification boundaries and face situations where the disorder patterns have developed early, are inflexible and are resulting in significant distress or disability. The challenge is especially accentuated for us as the client's social and occupational functioning is severely impaired. 

At this seminar, especially relevant for psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists, Dr Gwen Adshead draws on her long standing experience of therapeutic work with clients that have complex needs, and utilises a multi-modality approach to explain therapeutic techniques that prove effective for multiple presentations. She leads the discussion on cognitive approaches and mentalisation based therapies that allow for clear assessment of personality disorders. She then explains the relevant and practical aspects of skills based therapies, insight-oriented therapies and mindfulness led therapeutic approaches that we can apply in practice. The techniques are explained through evidence from intervention studies and real-life case vignettes.

 Dr Gwen Adshead is a psychotherapist, group analyst and forensic psychiatrist. She trained as a psychiatrist, and then as a forensic psychiatrist after completing a master's Degree in medical law and ethics at King's College, London. She was lecturer in victimology at the Institute of Psychiatry, where she studied interpersonal trauma and its effects; then trained as a psychotherapist, with a particular interest in attachment theory. She first started work at Broadmoor Hospital as a senior psychiatric trainee in 1990; and over the last twenty years has worked as a responsible clinician, as well as a consultant psychotherapist.

Her research interests include moral reasoning in psychopaths and antisocial men; the attachment narratives of abusive mothers; and how psychotherapies work with violent people. Gwen has published over 100 papers, book chapters and commissioned papers; co-edited three books and is working on three more.

 Gwen's principle training is group dynamic; but she also has experience of cognitive approaches to therapy, DBT, and mentalisation based therapies.

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