Counselling in Gloucestershire
What is Counselling

Counselling is way of addressing problems by talking them through with someone who is able to be professionally supportive, but who is not directly involved with the situation.

There are times in everyone’s lives when they experience difficulties they cannot sort out on their own.  At these times people close to them can often provide the help they need.  However, some concerns may initially feel too difficult, embarrassing or painful to share easily with close friends or family.  At times like these it may be helpful to talk to a trained counsellor.

A counsellor can:

  • Provide somewhere for you to explore and understand difficulties.
  • Enable you to express your feelings in a safe environment.
  • Help you to gain a greater awareness of yourself and of what is meaningful to you.
  • Help you to find a resolution or ways of managing your difficulties.

Counsellors do not offer direct advice or guidance, but provide an attentive listening presence that enables change to happen over time.  Times of emotional distress do not have to be endured alone.

How to book a session.


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